Robert Lee - Violin

Robert Lee



Louisiana Roots

Ain't Got No Home
Radio broadcast - electric 


From A Jack To A King
Studio recording - acoustic


Hear Me Talkin'
Live club date - acoustic

Louisiana Roots

Howlin' For My Darlin
Live club date - electric




Hello friends. That's me, Robert Lee. (No inspiration from or relation to the confederate general, I am quick to point out!)

I'm a vocalist and fiddler/violinist living in Portland, Oregon. You may have seen me performing around town. No fancy website here... I put the energy into making good music: exciting, tasty, and supportive of the ensemble sound.

I currently fiddle, Louisiana-style, as a member of the popular Pacific Northwest cajun/zydeco dance band, the Too Loose Cajun/Zydeco Band

Back in the day, I performed frequently with the 2007 NW Salsa Award winner Cubaneo. Also with award-winning Bay Area singer-songwriter Jim Bruno (he wrote some of Shawn Colvin's recorded songs) and Portland blues duo Kinzel & Hyde. And I was a long-time member of the San Francisco Bay Area bluegrass band The Avocado Brothers and Tucson blues legends The Rusty Boys.

It keeps gettin' better. As the pandemic starts to loosen its grip, I hope you'll venture out to a gig or dance some time and see for yourself. Bet you can't keep from dancin'!

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