Robert Lee - Violin

Robert Lee


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Louisiana Roots

Ain't Got No Home
Radio broadcast ? electric 


From A Jack To A King
Studio recording ? acoustic


Hear Me Talkin'
Live club date ? acoustic

Louisiana Roots

Howlin' For My Darlin
Live club date ? electric

Zydeco (video)

Zydeco Sont Pas Sale
Live festival date ? electric


Hello friends. That's me, Robert Lee. I'm a vocalist and violinist living in Portland, Oregon. You may have seen me around town.

I currently fiddle, Louisiana-style, as a member of the popular Pacific Northwest cajun/zydeco dance band, the Too Loose Cajun/Zydeco Band. You can also see me sitting in at a Cuban or Blues set in local clubs from time to time.

Back in the day, I performed frequently with the 2007 NW Salsa Award winner Cubaneo. Also with award-winning Bay Area singer-songwriter Jim Bruno (he wrote some of Shawn Colvin's songs) and Portland blues duo Kinzel & Hyde. And I was a long-time member of the San Francisco Bay Area bluegrass band The Avocado Brothers and Tucson blues legends The Rusty Boys.

It keeps gettin' better. Come out to a gig or dance some time and see for yourself. Bet you can't keep from dancin'.

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